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The days of "one server, one application" are history.

With SSR's Virtualization services, we use software to manipulate a piece of hardware so it can run operating system images at the same time. This allows your IT employees to step away from the job of managing servers and spend more time creating new and innovative ideas for your business model. You still have access to the services you need and your servers retain centralized control, but your company will be operating smarter and more efficiently by pooling IT resources with Virtualization.

Benefits Include:

  • Saving Money -It's green computing. When you consolidate servers, customers save money on hardware and the costs of operating additional servers.
  • Utilization -Most servers run at less than a quarter of what they should be. When SSR clients choose Virtualization, they increase the value of their system and take advantage of its full potential.
  • Application Testing- Here SSR sets up a virtual machine to install updates and test applications before it's put in use.
  • Disaster Recovery Strategy -This is where virtual machines are moved between multiple physical machines to avoid maintenance failure. It allows for complete backup of the entire machine, not just certain parts. Many clients set up two "physical" servers to share their virtual machines dynamically. That way, if one of the physical servers fails, a client's applications will continue to run on the other server with minimal impact.

 Let us show you how to achieve built-in availability, enhanced security and improved performance from your desktop to the datacenter with Virtualization from SSR.

Case Study: Triangle Tool Corporation


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