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Advanced Technologies

What is it that you need?

At SSR, we start by asking this simple question.

Perhaps clients want to know the best way to support all of their mobile devices and the best options to consolidate them.  It could also be a question of how other companies are performing Identify Management for their staff and what new tools exist to track staff's internet usage and time.

Having trouble remembering all of your passwords?  SSR Advanced Technologies can implement "Single Sign-on" capabilities so clients only have to sign into a computer once and the remaining passwords are synchronized.

With our Advanced Technologies practice, SSR engineers review, test and analyze new methods to determine where they might work for our customers and where they won't-minimizing the risks.  This means our consultants have the know-how to recommend, design and deploy the best technology for your company.

We are on top of what's happening in IT, which means our clients are right up there with us.


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